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Gas to Water Unit, Food Processing, Boiler

Ireland 2010

Gas to Water

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 14.42.06.png

Exhaust Temp in/Out

236 C / 158 C 

Water Temp In/Out

105 C / 131 C (16 bar)

Exhaust/Water Mass Flow

Exhaust Mass Flow

28,567 / 14,470 Kg/h

18,675 Kg/h

Water Mass Flow

6,374 Kg/h

Weight of Unit

3,600 Kg

Exhaust Pressure Drop

650 Pa

Energy Recovered

440 KW

Recovered Energy Value

€96K p/A

Heat Exchanger Cost


Price per KW recovered

€100 (£84)

  • Econotherm®GW 300 smooth pipe heat exchanger

  • 440 kW process water heater

  • High particulate matter exhaust from furnace; soot trap and removable panels incorporated for cleaning

  • Low fouling, easy cleaning and maintenance, high reliability

  • Unit positioned outside main factory premises

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